No Need To Impress You (boywhocriedchos) wrote,
No Need To Impress You

The Winker

I was having a TheDaVinciCode headache so I pillowed my head on his shoulder. Sure it was hard to watch a movie with a tilted head but it felt really comforting that I actually wanted to start purring. I wanted to bite him but I didn't want to trigger inappropriate reactions so I just sniffed him. I know his smell. He smells like a highschool boy. I don't know if there's a highschool boy scent but that's what first came to mind. Sniffing him reminded me that I didn't have to worry about anything. It was like smelling home. I felt safe in that space we occupied. Our hands were locked together and sometimes his fingers would travel my arms slightly teasing my senses.

Purring, biting and sniffing? Parang hayop.

We met at around 5:30 in the afternoon and I had just finished eating lunch.

At Cafe Bola, he took my hand and put a friendship bracelet around my wrist. I was catapulted to a place where the clouds were pink and the sun was heart-shaped.

The lines for that damned movie were eyestress. It took us half an hour to get our tickets and we had to wait four hours before screening time.

The first hour was full of where do you wanna go? what do you wanna do? do you wanna eat? etc.

We were holding hands in public.

We went to Bio Research that made me want to really, really own a pair of hamsters. Gotta love em cages!

I had my first taste of that Banana Caramel Frap at Starbucks and loved it. I left him there and said I'd be back in a minute without saying where I was going. I ran to this candy store and couldn't find his favorite food which is Nestle Crunch but I saw one of my favorite chocolates so I got him that instead.

After seemed like a good cardio exercise we had dinner at Food Choices.

We went up and saw an EDSA-long line. It was unbelievable.
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